Vmware slow logon to domain

There is some problem for the XP to log on to a domain when you have vmware installed and if you have the vmware services automatically started, mostly you will stuck at "applying computer configurations" for a long time, and if you check the event viewer, you will find that the service of vmware all starts. The reason is unclear but here is a method to deal with it. The problem is the DHCP service and the NAT service, so you have got to stop all the vmware service and make it manully started. This will solve the problem of slow logon.

If you shut down all the services, your vmware won’t work well, the network is down, but you can started it manually, just copy the following scripts into a batch file and run it.

net start "VMWare Authorization Service"
net start "VMWare DHCP Service"
net start "VMWare NAT Service"
net start "VMWare Registration Service"
net start "VMWare Virtual Mount Manager Extended"

This will start the service manually and won’t affect your system.


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