MSN Messenger Error Code – 80048820

When you launch MSN Messenger and try to logon, you get error message 80048820.  A wild guess, your system time or date needs adjusting.
The Cause of Code 80048820

There are a variety of causes of this error:

1) Incorrect Proxy Setting for Internet Explorer.

2) softpub.dll may have become unregistered.

3) Your system clock may be showing an incorrect time (or date!).

4) Firewall problems. Particularly with Netgear.

The Solutions to MSN Error Code 80048820

Internet Explorer – Try removing the tick next to Internet Explorer ‘Proxy server’ settings, instead, go with the ‘Automatically detect settings’.

1) Launch Internet Explorer, click Tools and then click Internet Options.
From the Internet Options dialog box, go to the Connections tab.
Click LAN Setting. Un check the Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections) checkbox.  Finally positively tick:  ‘Automatically detect settings’.

2) Register softpub.dll.

Click Start (Button), and then click Run, type regsvr32 softpub.dll.  Restart MSN Messenger. See also Error code 81000314

3) If necessary, logon as a local administrator and set the computer’s clock to the correct date and time.  (Check on the internet if possible.)

4) Turn off the firewall temporarily. Check firewall settings such as Norton: "Block access to secure sites".  If this cures the problem, make sure that Microsoft’s MSN Messenger is allowed full access through your firewall.

NetGear problem, but also with some other routers
a) Enter IP address in your browser’s address bar.
b) Log on with ISP user name and password.
c) Enter Admin, password
d) Navigate to advanced menu, WAN set-up
e) Change MTU size to 1400

5) Try a password of no more than 8 characters.

6) If you are using IE 7.0 check the SSL Settings. Internet options advanced (Tab) scroll down to the bottom.  Security section.  Tick ‘Use ssl 2.0’.

6) Drastic! Try uninstalling MSN Messenger version 8.0 or 7.5 and install Microsoft MSN version 7.0.

Summary of MSN Error Code 80048820

If you are suffering from MSN Error Code 80048820, check your system clock.  If both time and date are correct, try turning off your firewall.


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