Nice wine, nice food, nice life, Bertinoro Italy



Bertinoro坐落在一个小山头上,山的最顶端是一个castle, probably thousands of year, with a small museum under the castle, not bad, but I am not actually interested in that. Our hotel might be also in a castle, the room looks like a basement, but at least , it is a single room and has a very large bathroom, haha.





Italian food is good, I should say, a lot of things I like. I haven’t tried everything, but I like the meat, the pasta, it is really good. Every night after school, we will spend sometime in bars. We will always have a cup of lemochello, and then some beers and off course wines.It is very good to have wine here, all kinds of them. It is a pity that I can’t bring some with me because that my plane will stop at Hane, so no matter, I can bring some German wine, should be good, although there are famous for beers.

The first night we were in the canteen to have a buffe, the second night, we went to restaurant called la grotta. Wines, foods, I like the pasta with meat sauce very much, my favourite and off course, wines, you can have as much as possible.


after dinner, we spent some time in another bar, some girls from holland were attending their school in genetics, so we spent some time together, it is funny cause so many girls in their group and only one guy there, oh, genetics.

besides the mountain the castle locates, there is another mountain I can see from the castle, not far, and I planned to clime, and also a German guy from Finland also quite intresting in that, but at the last moment, we changed our plan to go to the museum in this castle. Boring for me, but no bad to see something strange, haha


Actually, the restaurant we were going to is right located in that mountain we planned to climb, surprise, and we have a balgurian girl from Denmark coming, more fun to have dinner together. Since the restaurant is almost in top, at least middle, I dropped the plan to climb and I don’t think I have enough time for that. We spend a good time there, wine, wine, wine, a lot of wine, and we try some kinds of liquors, very nice and it is free, haha, since free wine is already  enough and we don’t have a lot of time for that, so we went back.


The next night, we had dinner at the bar we used to go for drink, the food is ok, just I don’t like rice, but they served rice not pasta, but it is ok, at least we have wines, red wine and white wine, Oh, italy is really good at wines. and a balgurian girl there, haha

that girl is quite open girl actually, when we were too crowded, she sad it won’t surprised if she got pregnant. And when I told him that guys might disappear several thousand years later, she said, oh good for lesbians and we need more vibrators, which shocks me, God!!!!

after dinner, we spend some time in the bar to try the lemochello, she didn’t like it, but it is fun to talk and play jokes.


ok, planning my trip home, will arrive middle night in norrköping, tired……….


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