Sun is alive

You ever thought that sun or earth is a living thing??  You will say it is kidding, well, this episode of doctor who told us a story about a living sun.  One captain never thought the sun is alive and get as much as possible resources from the sun but finally revenge came, several people died and the space ship was absorbed to the sun. The captain sacrifies herself to save the others but that is not much, the only way is to return all the things that they have got from the sun. When the doctor finally get the point, he should loudly, angrily about the exploit of the resources from human. Actually, it is about the over exploit of human on earth, if ever think that earth is a living thing, human will repay all the things they have got, sooner or later.



嫦娥一号的成功再一次展示了我国在航天和深空探索方面的实力和潜力,也是时候开始深空探索了。中国航天的发展有目共睹,但是在深空探索方面还有很大差距,向月球发射探测器,是一个试探,成功的话,深空探索的经验就有了,还有消息说要向太阳发射探测器也就是夸父计划,很振奋。无论怎么说,空间探索是必须的,,我反对个人崇拜,但是我还是认为杨利伟他们是英雄,不管外方怎么评论,政治上军事上,我们都可以不予理会,作为地球上的人类而言,进行空间探索是必须的,因为我们必须了解太空,而不是静待太空了解我们,作为一个有着千年文明史的古国,更是不能落后。我们没有Doctor这样的time lord,那是幻想,地球有难的时候没有人来营救,所以必须自救,我们已经向宇宙发出了讯息,但是带回来的是灾难还是友好谁也不知道,我们对宇宙的了解几乎接近文盲的程度,如何对抗外来物质的入侵呢,简直是坐以待毙,说起来是杞人忧天,但是不能不忧,但是空间探索并不是仅仅自卫,而目的是延伸人类的视线,because there is so much out there, earth is tiny human is tiny and the universe is so large, 期待更多的深空探索计划出现。


【From EFC】I realize my whole life was spent pursuing my goals but now I know I am heading toward something greater than myself can fullfill, the great unknown.

The whole time on earth we are looking for the answers of those questions: who am I and why I am here, it is my purpose and it is all out there.

Any outcome is one of the many possible ones and it is that same will open the new chapter.